A Winter window….


Deep in a woods
on a small tiny mound..
a forgotten church stands
still holding her ground..
her stained glass windows
have been long ago gone
but she is still standing
Her time  lingers on..
i wish now that i’d taken
time to write in the snow
wise wirds of wisdom
for a picture to show..
but all i could think of
was the Beauty I saw
tucked in the holes
and the cracks in her wall..
see seemed to be showing
me her beauty that day
as sunset was nearing
casting shadows to play….

~ by connetta on December 8, 2012.

One Response to “A Winter window….”

  1. There are many old buildings standing around my community, ones that just got too old and tired to withstand time any more. This poem represents all of them. What stories they have to tell.


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