Beneath the Snow…

As I look out the window,
at fresh fallen snow

I think of my flowers,
just waiting to grow.
Seeds that have dropped
and seeds that I sow

Old friends and new friends
that will soon say hello!
As I page through my books
that offer new seeds
I dream about summer
and summertime deeds
Knowing that winter
is one of their needs
I can’t wait to feed them
and pull up the weeds..
It seems to me
that winter goes slow
And summer seems
so long ago….
ice and chill hang on 
to the winds that blow
As i dream of my flowers
beneath the snow…

~ by connetta on December 10, 2012.

6 Responses to “Beneath the Snow…”

  1. Love this one Connie, can’t wait for spring…

  2. lovely poem and photograph…are you used to snow? Here in Montreal, Canada we have about 4 feet on the ground.

  3. Yes, I took all the pictures and wrote the poems…thanks for asking.

  4. Forgot! Are the photos yours? They are beautiful,


  5. Every living thing must have rest or burn itself out. Winter is a time for slowing down, for dreaming, and nurturing the soul.


  6. A beautiful poem of a season that is usually depicted as harsh, bitterly cold, barren and unforgiving. Viewing it through your eyes, however, winter is just a cover-up for the wonders that are awaiting just beneath the surface. As a native of the Hawaiian islands, and someone who loves gardening, you’ve given me a reprieve, however brief, from the dark, dreary, mournful Pacific Northwest skies that I glimpse through the nearby window.

    i’ll remember to look instead at the ground, where new life already pushes through the dirt…hugmamma.

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