Finding Grace

Finding Grace.... by you.

One night i had a dream where I
Sat high upon a distant hill
All alone and far from home
the wind was calm and still…
As i looked up to the sky
beams of light came down
and for awhile, Natures smile
danced for me,  all around..
I felt a need to talk to God
And ask him where to find
My way in life – so full of strife
Weighing heavy on my mind..
Then Suddenly within the light
breaking through the sky above
I could hear a silent voice
that seemed so full of love.
“be paitent child, i hear the prayers
that come from everywhere
Im close at hand, please understand
For this world I truly care”
then a dark cloud came and i felt rain
like tears upon my face…
and  the voice became much louder as
it said ” this world’s in need of  Grace”
I asked the silent voice to tell me why
Oh why  he did not sow
grace within a world of souls
Planted faithfully to grow..
The voice became a whisper as
loud thunder roared above..
“Man is born with a free will
And faith is taught  through love..
Grace is not something that
can be born in everyone..
for if I could i surely would
but that’s not  how it’s done”
as the rain clouds moved away
letting  the light back through
i heard a final whisper say
” I’ve seen the Grace in You”..
Since  i Awoke from that dream
I’ve  felt a peace within my mind
and each day i take time to pray
it will spread throughout mankind..
one by one, two by two
together we can  be
a world that’s full of peaceful souls
spreading Grace abundantly…

written Sept 21st 2008…by connetta jean

~ by connetta on December 11, 2012.

3 Responses to “Finding Grace”

  1. Beautiful photography & poetry to match. This reminds me of a photo my husband took a month before he passed away. You captured it in every way. It’s just wonderful.

  2. From the heart and emotion. Thought provoking and a wonderful enlightenment.

  3. This is amazing,for real Connie. c

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