Winter Reasons…


I was looking out the window  at
the sky all dark and bleak
Trying to remember if
The sun came out last week..
Once cold wind blows & it snows
I start my list again
Of reasons why I don’t  call
Old man winter my friend..
I don’t like  sleet or freezing rain
Slush and mud drive me insane..
Cold and ice just ain’t my thing
I don’t like waiting for Spring..
Coats and hats and scarves and gloves
Boots and socks are not my loves
I don’t like to walk or  drive on ice
Winter isn’t all that nice..
Windows closed  to hold in heat
Slippers on sock covered feet..
Doors closed tight to keep out the chill
high gas and electric bill..
shovel  sidewalks – driveways too
with another month to go ( or 2)
The sky is dark a gloomy grey
And summer seems so far away
I want to go out side and play
But I’d prefer a warm and sunny day.
when I was young you made my day
But now I wish you’d go away……



~ by connetta on December 12, 2012.

One Response to “Winter Reasons…”

  1. If your hard work could melt old man winters heart, spring would be here. Hope you keep trying.

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