Old Windows & Winter….

As I sat in the darkness
of a house old and cold
I looked out a window
hearing stories once told..
though I was a stranger
never been there before..
the old house welcomed
me at her door.
to look through her windows
and  listen to walls..
So I’ll know the secrets
she holds when she falls…
I thought of the sound..
when the church bells rang
and the music that played
for hymns that they sang…
I walked up one stairway
and back down another..
and Pictured a child
hiding out from her Mother….
The Old house is dying
Soon she will fall
but I’ve captured the visions
of what her windows saw….
She’s old and abandoned
Forgotten it seems
Still her  frame holds the memories
The prayers and the dreams
Of people who loved her
and came through her door
Looking out her windows
Walking on her floor..
I’m thankful I found her
though she’s empty and cold.
To see  through the windows
Of a house growing old.



~ by connetta on December 13, 2012.

2 Responses to “Old Windows & Winter….”

  1. Poignant verse…loved the window picture.

  2. In your photographs, I’ve seen a house, a barn and fields much like those where I was raised in central Missouri. They make up the wonderful memories of youth. Thank you for the ticket back.

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