A Dance Called “The Freeze”


Winter is here,
no doubt in my mind
it’s all cold and windy
(He’s not very kind.)
When everything’s frozen
and snow outlines the trees.
You’ll find Nature  dancing
That  dance called “The Freeze”
When The sky has no color
and the day has no light
when you find all your pictures
seem to be black and white…
When you find yourself saying
Winter go away please
Oh, please Stop doing
That  dance called “the  Freeze”

~ by connetta on December 15, 2012.

One Response to “A Dance Called “The Freeze””

  1. i just love this picture…i took one near where i live that looks so similar to this one. 🙂 winter, although cold and gloomy, still is so beautiful and brings me such inspiration. your photo’s are lovely and i adore your writing. i also appreciate the time you took to stop by my blog and comment. so kind of you. thanks truly.


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