Go Away Winter!

Go Away winter
and leave me alone..
i’m tired of being
chilled to the bone.
i want to plant flowers
and sit in the sun
I want to go swimming
“winters no fun!”
i want to open up
windows and doors
i want to go barefoot
and do summer chores
I want to mow grass
and sit in the sun
i want to plant gradens
and have summer fun.
so go away winter
and just leave me be
Summer is where
I want now to be…

~ by connetta on December 16, 2012.

8 Responses to “Go Away Winter!”

  1. I love this poem and woukd like to use it on one of my photos possibly. I linked to it from my flickr page. Just how I feel except I love gardening but not mowing grass!

  2. I like your poem and have posted it and your site on my blog.

  3. Hi,
    I loved all your poems. Please keep writing. Can I please use your poems?
    Thanks for writing this blog and sharing your great poems!!!!

    (My pen name)

    Sorry, you will have to write your own poems…

  4. Daisy,
    This is my poem & picture/ this is a older poem, written in 1980 and was published that year in my local newspaper. Anything you find on my blog is mine. I do’t mind people using my poetry but please ask first. thanks.
    I NOTICED THERE IS NO LINK BACK TO YOUR SITE, when there is no link back, i usually spam the comments unless i know the person is a real sincere person. but since this poem got thousands of hits on my blog. i’m leaving yours. but please -in the future if you use my work, ask first.

  5. salutations;
    Who wrote the “go away winter” poem, i just posted it on my F/B and i want to credit it to the rightful author.

  6. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by TriciaD_TD. TriciaD_TD said: RT @DiscoveryDundee: If we all chant this at the same time, it might help! http://bit.ly/e00Qdm […]

  7. I love this poem, it expresses how I feel today as I commute over snowy roads. My blog is about farm-life, too. Quite different than your beautiful poetry, still, I you will like it. http://www.oncealittlegirl.wordpress.com.


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