Winter Pictures..


“My water is freezing”
said the pond to the tree..
“Soon i’ll sit frozen..
no cold drinks from me”,
“I know what your feeling”
said the tree oh so sad…
” my branches are breaking
from the ice storm we had”.
As they sat in the shadows
of a day without sun
they whispered of  autumn
and  the warmth of the sun.
“seems long ago now”
said the cold frozen tree..
“that i felt the warmth of
the sunshine on me,
i feel like i’m naked
without any leaves,
winter is hard on
us old ponds & trees..”
the little pond nodded
said ” i know what you mean”
My  fish are all saying
they can’t wait for spring..”
The cattails below
spoke up with a sigh
said” i think we could make
People smile if we try”..
We make a fine picture
they will come just to see..
winter pictures of cattails
by a pond ,Neith a tree…

picture and poem by Connetta jean…

~ by connetta on December 17, 2012.

4 Responses to “Winter Pictures..”

  1. You make me (almost) enjoy winter. At least I am appreciating the beauty!

  2. Connie,
    you do magic! Those cattails in the snowscape are so beautiful. Here we have bitter cold plus grey sky plus grey streets. What I love about the country – to which I dearly hope one day to return – is that it is always beautiful, no matter what its mood. For example, a sad mood is sad, not depressing…

    You poetry sounds to me like that of a twelve-year old girl who hasn’t yet had to find out how cruel life and people can be. I think you somehow managed to keep your inner child alive, and that’s a priceless asset.

  3. I love the photo and the poem! I am also happy to know that someone else “feels” the conversations of the non-human beings here with us. You have a gift of capturing their images and their words!
    Ps Do tell me about the “heart lover” connection sometime.

  4. Oh Connetta, Such a lovely poem and the photo is glory-ful.

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