Thank God For Working Women…



She gets up in the morning
gets the kids off to school
makes Him  a big breakfest
Lord, He  feels like half  a fool.
cause she’ll clean the house leave by 2
won’t be back till after ten.
God bless the workin women
holdin’ up the workin’ men.

They’re  nurses in hospitals
soldiers in Iraq and Iran
they’re teachers in the classrooms
Doing anything they can..
it ain’t how daddy did it
ain’t  some  1990 plan
God bless the working women
holding  up the workin man.

too many  jobs  went overseas
just where to i don’t know…
makin’ 17 a hour Lord
seems so long ago,
daddy always was the one
who made out the budget plan
God bless the workin women
holding up the workin man.

they’re  cops and firefighters
working any job they can
God bless the workin women
holding up the workin man
it ain’t how daddy did it
ain’t some 1990 plan…
God bless the workin woman
holdin up the working man

all lyrics and poems posted by me was written by me connetta jean..

~ by connetta on December 18, 2012.

3 Responses to “Thank God For Working Women…”

  1. women’s day wishes!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Matthew,
    i went back and fixed the lyric…Seems like these days, at least around Ohio..all the women have to work..Some spend 40 hours a week just working off their food stamps if they don’t bring in the extra paycheck….times are tough and getting worse every day,,scares me about what’s gonna happen right here in America if things don’t get better.
    thanks for your comment.

  3. great job… but “Irac” should be “Iraq”… also, many times, you typed “their” when you meant “they are”… should be “they’re” not “their”

    love your words and your message… my momma was a workin woman!

    Matty the Stranger

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