The Loss Of A Child…


Years ago I lost a child, that i buried in the snow
I was only 19 then, (it was 40 years ago..)
It was hard i will not  lie to you
I did all the things that people do
From asking why to disbelief
No one understood my grief…
When she was born i was told
She’d never live  past 6 months old
A missing valve within A heart they say
One in a million chance to be born that way
I couldn’t eat , i couldn’t sleep
I prayed to God her soul to keep
And to this day i feel an empty place
A part of me i can’t replace..
I treasure every moment that we had
And when it snows it makes me sad..
It seems like it was yesterday
That my baby passed away…
 i wanted her to have a meaning for her time
So i dedicated her heart in hopes they’d find
a way to mend a heart like hers someday
so anouther child can dance and play….

In memory of Tina marie Oct 11th 1971-January 27th 1972

~ by connetta on December 18, 2012.

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