Kids & Winter…

I used to love winter, I swear that I did
Some 50 odd years, ago as a kid….
We’d spend our days ( my sister and me)
Making big snowballs and a fort defiantly.
We waited for Ricky, to come round the bend
With a few of his friends and we’d snow ball them..
We played till it seemed, our  hands & feet froze
And the sleeve of the jacket wet from wiping our nose..
Now I’m a  grown up and watch grandkids play
They sit by the fire watching t.v. all day..
when i mention snowmen and snow balls they say
it’s way too cold to go outside and play….
It seems like Winter has lost its reputation
Of capturing, a child’s concentraition..
Nerf balls replaced snowballs to throw
And bedrooms became the forts where kids go
On snow days in winter it’s easy to see…
Inside is where the kids want to be….

~ by connetta on December 26, 2012.

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