The Artist..


Mother Nature  is in
A creative mood..

She loves a winter picture.
& there’s snow  everywhere
like a canvas.
Autumn went home you know
Back to where warm days go
wherever they go.
Does anyone know
that place time goes?
where Summer and spring
have been hiding out..
(Springs been gone
Close to  a year now.)
Father time is such
a strange  old man
set in his ways.
never changes.
He came today
to  remind us
Old Man Winter is here
With Jack Frost..
& Mother Nature
is relaxing.

She loves to paint 
portraits of ice
and fresh fallen snow..
(she’s an artist you know)
Photographers love
to frame her work.
Soon Time  will fade
the white scenes of winter
( Winters time doesn’t last)

spring will simply
Bring enough warmth
to melt the Old man
(and Jack too before she’s done)
But first Father time
Will let winter do

What Winter does.

~ by connetta on December 27, 2012.

2 Responses to “The Artist..”

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and I like your gentle ode to the seasons. I love living where the seasons gently remind me of time passing, and suggest so many ways of seeing our own journey and experiences.


  2. WoW, Connie. This is such a beautiful blog. Lovely images and gentle poetry. Thank you for your comments and vote of confidence about my dabbles in poetry. Btw, my sister’s name is Connie.

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