On a late Autumn day
i was walking all alone
down a tiny country road
Not that far from home…
I wanted time to make the time
for a little (one on one) type stuff
with God because i’d pondered so
On my  Praying  for Enough….
My husband lost his job and i
knew finding work was bleak and tough..
so i said a prayer asking God
to  just let us have  Enough…..
i did not want to over do
and ask for way too much
But,  i did not want to sturuggle with
not having quite enough..
I did not have a clue to what
( enough to God would be)
so i asked that  he decide
what enough would be for me..
I thought the quiet, tiny road
would be the most private  place to pray
and i truly  felt a presence of
Him walking with me that Autumn  day…
It was just a short time later that
I was asked to work at night
sleeping at a ladys house
From Dark untill daylight..
they did not try to pay me less
because i slept the night away…
actually they payed me more
than i’d ever made untill this day..
My husband went back to school
to learn a different trade..
and does  not waste a single day
Striving for the highest grade..
There always seems  to be enough
to pay our bills( we do just fine)
and some weeks have  a little left
To help others from time to time.
I often wonder what our life
would be like, ( it could be rough)
If  i had not thought to ask
God  Simply for enough…
now summer is upon us and
As i sit benieth a blazing sun…
Once again I walked with Him
Giving thanks for all He’s done..
Still jobs are few and far  between
and roads ahead  in life looks rough…
But every day i’m thankful for
God’s blessing of  Enough……


~ by connetta on January 2, 2013.

One Response to “Enough…”

  1. He always does what we ask,isn’t He great!! Thank You Lord for meeting all our needs.He answered one when He brought us together Connie. c

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