Guest poet, Cheryl


Thru the ‘Rest Home’ Door,
‘Care giving’, sometimes seems,
to really, get to me…
If you ‘care’ at all, it drains you,
with the sights, you daily see…
Every face, becomes familiar,
as you go from hall, to hall…
Every day, you see the life,
draining from them,one and all…
I see a Lady clutch, a baby doll,
and hold it, to her breast…
It seems that in this, ‘Rest Home’,
not many, are at rest…
Another, stands there daily,
and waits, beside the door…
Searching for, the reason,
why her family, comes no more…
Then there’s quiet Johnny,
once a strong, hard working man…
Now broken down, and feeble,
he can not even,stand…
You can search, in all directions,
and you’ll find, depressing sights…
With age, we loose our usefulness,
along with family, home, and rights…
You say,’ its too depressing,
I don’t want, to hear no more’…
Try working there, or existing there,
behind the, ‘Rest Home’ door…  

~ by connetta on January 5, 2013.

6 Responses to “Guest poet, Cheryl”

  1. Barb,thank you for your kind words,I am a part time care-giver at the moment.I,ve been in this field for 20 yrs.But the times they are a changin.I wrote another poem on my blog last night,after another upsetting day,if you care to check it out….
    Where we are they have been,and where they are we will one day be.

  2. Cheryl, your poem is so beautiful undoubedly just as you are to relate your feelings,.The most rewarding but hardest experiences were to feed my aunt with alz.and teach her daughter that she could touch her too,to change my 89 yr uncle when he was so embarassed at an accident.and tell him “but you did this for me when I was little I am returning the favor!” and to bathe & change my own mother a dozen times a day when her body failed to respond she neede care. but most importantly to leave these people with the dignity they deserved by telling cna or nurse what kind things these people had done for others and I when we were young. We all need to feel our lives have been worthwhile.

  3. Yes it is very rewarding work,and yet your emotion’s are drained.One of the most awesome holy times I’ve had, was caring for the dying.Watching how mercifully God deals with people at that time. Hezekiah was not, and is not, the only one the Lord tells, to set his house in order.[2Kings 20:1] I’ll tell you one thing it helps having people who have’ been there’ share. It really does. Thanks, Cheryl

  4. Cheryl,
    I Love this Poem. Hits home with me big time.
    When i “Had” to go back into the work force, after 19 years of spending my time as a stay at home mom….( my youngest was 17) ..i did some serious praying,,,i wanted a job i could do, that i could do even into my later years…it was hard to figure out what i could do or should do..i did not have a G-E-D..
    One day we went to visit my husbands Grandma..she was getting ready to go to work. At 82 she was spening nights with the woman next door. helping her. I thought. I want to be a nurses aide and learn how to be a home health aide. It was the best experience of my life. the most rewarding job i think someome could have.
    my time in rest homes was a free education in how to do many many proper lifting. transfers. changing a person’s sheets who’s bed bound without getting them up, C. P. R. and other important things…
    In the 90’s i got a job working for a home care agency and it helped me to learn how to respect and interact with family in a persons home while having the skills of a nursing home.
    if i was apointed in charge of schools. Every kid would be required 2 years of learing these skills. If only to prepare them to care for parents, syblings ,friends and grandparents someday.Not to mention they can do it for a living if they choose. the skills are as important as “Homec” for girls and “shop” was for boys, was back in the 50’s & 60″s..
    when i “had” to go into the workforce it was 1989…not today. Yet many people are even more “having to” geta job these days. wondering what could i do..where can i turn..??? Homecare might just be the answer.

  5. pttyann,thank you,,I really needed that word,today.I really do love the people,it’s just hard sometimes. God Bless,Cheryl

  6. Your poem brings back so many memories I worked as a CNA for many years and though there where some bad days working in the Nursing Home there where so many good times we had with our patients. It’s a hard job because you get so attached to the Resident’s for sure,but it is a growing experince.I hope that you will enjoy all the good & bad days so that as you look back you’ll see how you’ve grown! I truly enjoyed your poem.
    Numbers 6:24~26

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