Jacob’s Tears…


Deep in the woods
outside a tiny town
near to a lake.
there is a path
leading to a cabin
and a old man
called Jacob.
near the cabins door
sits a graveyard.
his parent’s are there
His wife Annie
and a son Tommy..
they say there once
was a grand old home
that sat on the hill
back in 1959…
a fire destroyed it
and took 4 lives.
Jacob they say
was hunting that night.
after the funerals
he built a cabin
next to the graveyard.
Worrying about the graves
keeps him alive
gives him reason to remain….
makes his living
hunting ginseng in the hills..
and trapping.
doesn’t care for people
or modern things.
no T.V.s
or radio’s..
no company
except  Charlie Ray
and his old dog Roudy.
They vist on Sundays.
Annie was Charlies Sister.
and Charlie knows Jacobs tears
still fill his heart
after all these years.
he brings fresh fruit
warm blankets
and home made wine..

poem and picture by connetta jean…

~ by connetta on January 10, 2013.

2 Responses to “Jacob’s Tears…”

  1. So few words to tell a story, so few words to make me feel.
    Wonderfully done.

  2. Sometimes I love the fallen leaves as much as the leaves on the trees – it’s just a matter of perspective. This such a peaceful photo, almost meditative. Wish I had a wall mural so I could ‘live in it.’ But such a sad little story to go with it. I liked it, though.

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