3244474432_7a72fe7dfcAs i stood near a fence
i felt not a chill
I was waiting for Sunset
Being silent and still…
As the day’s sun behind me
went from Orange to red..
the glow on the ice seemed
to speak words unsaid..
It seemed I was hearing
the wind call my name
Saying ” you’re seeing Beauty
But, I’m seeing Shame”…
“This picture is sad Friend
just look at the weeds
Soon spring will come and
they’ve all planted seeds…”
I then felt the chill
from the ice and the snow..
as guilt overcame me
for the seeds i let grow..
Though i know not one name
on the old stones i could see
Everyone’s Guilty
and that includes me…
I was waiting for Sunset
to capture beauty on snow
But only my footprints
lead to seeds left to sow….

~ by connetta on January 20, 2013.

8 Responses to “Shame…”

  1. wow, i’m breathless, it makes me want to look back at my own life.

  2. this IS guilt. you’ve described it so well.

    and thanks for your visit, i appreciate it.

  3. Great imagery and message. Somewhat reminds me of the book The Little Prince.

  4. Better apology than guilt, better humility than shame…

  5. good message to those who have ears,[or eyes in this case]

  6. so beautiful, gentle and deep as the wind talk.
    shame and guilt (maby more guilt), unfortunatly, is a big problem in the western, christian, socity.

  7. Wow,Connie this poem and it’s contents is great.There is another word for guilt,inner self,that is there to help us make better choices in the future.Like not neglecting things that need to be taken care of.But the idea of seeds we leave to take root is way deep.Like guilt for instance,if when we sence guilt,we make a different choice in the future,it rids us of guilt.The seeds could be anger,selfishness,etc,,,This really touched me,not with guilt but with a check,Hey you are leaving seeds,make sure they are want to reproduce,cause they will…Good one.Cheryl

  8. of course one need not to be religious to feel gulity. but some culturs do push more in some direction then others. shame is stronger feeling in japan then in europe and guilt is stronger emotion and more “popular” in christian countries then in buddhist for example.
    i love grave yardtoo, they give some strong feeling, and my self find it too that too many times no one really take care of them, though, sometimes, or many times, it helps the feelings, this one coverd with the snow reminds me much of some places i wish not go again…

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