Graveyard Talk…

3197710934_5967d42f7aToday i took a quiet walk
listening to the graveyard talk
Silent voices ment to be read
( the after thoughts of the dead)
Each one seems to say
Goodbye,farewell in  their own way
I have no clue what mine should say
( i’ll give it thought after today)
one i found to be quite old
with a message sturn and bold..
It gives me shivers down my spine..
Someday it will  surly come my time….

~ by connetta on January 24, 2013.

One Response to “Graveyard Talk…”

  1. graveyards makes me smoke. a lot. i prefer the burning ghats. somehow a bit more life there. though i like the jewish way of throwing the body inside, like it is nothing, rather then this box (cuffin i should say)

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