The Black & White Dream….

2010 at 7:52

It was late December and
The dream was black and white..
I dreamt I woke within a woods
All cold without  sunlight..
Though it looked bitter cold I felt
All warm and safe it seemed
Like i was felling summer but
It was winter in the dream..
I felt a need to whisper out
To God as if to see
If i was there all alone
Or if  He was there with me..
‘Twas then I heard a silent voice
From beyond the Fog that drifted down
Telling me to trust that He
Is never “Not” around..
I asked the voice to tell my why
I felt so warm yet I could see
Winters cold and icy touch
Everywhere, surrounding me..
It seemed the voice grew heavy in
The Fog now thick around..
I sat alone with the voice
As i sat upon the ground..
Then the voice became much louder as
It seemed to drift in thought
Saying child I’m simply saying that
“what might seem to be is not…”
“You worry every day and pray
As if your faith is weak within..
always calling out my name
As if you wonder where I am”
As i sat there safe and warm
I heard a thunder sound
And it seemed the fog was lifted by
A hand so big and strong.
It felt like spring, I heard birds sing
As the sun shined all around..
I saw no sign of winters touch
As I sat there on the ground..
I felt a need to one more time
Whisper just to see
If God had left with the fog..
Or was He there with me..
Then a black cloud came and i felt rain
The Sun no longer made me warm
And from thunder and a lightening bolt
I heard a voice forlorn..
“child your doubt it like the fog”
He said so patiently
As i felt warm back in the storm..
He said “to believe you need not see”
From that dream i woke to see
A seed was sown in me..
To keep my faith and never doubt
That God is there with me…

~ by connetta on February 6, 2014.

3 Responses to “The Black & White Dream….”

  1. Wow, As I am sitting here I’ve got goosbumbs all over !This is extremly powerfull. And just like the previous comment I got to say WOW WOW WOW AGAIN.

  2. wow, wow and more wow !

  3. I love this poem. And the photo, too. I will share the link on Facebook, so I can get some of my friends to join your beautiful reflections.

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