Winter & Jack…

Sitting on a hill
overlooking the sky..
everything about this day
speaks of winter things…
the chill in the air.
the early morning Snow.
the hidden sun.
The Naked trees.
They all
silently say
winter has
He’s here
That odd old  man
with cold icy hands
and nasty spirit.
The  wind carries
The Chill of  His  laughter…
As Jack Frost Hangs around
Just to party ..
Winter  knows.
Trust me -He knows
All about Jack.
It’s no Secret..
Jack  was last to see Autumn.
And  Jack will linger with Spring
Long after Winters  departure..

~ by connetta on February 6, 2014.

3 Responses to “Winter & Jack…”

  1. Love your poem, it paints such a wonderful picture!

  2. Hi Connetta. I just loved your poem.

    Thank you for visiting WriteSpace.

    Wishing you joy for the New Year.

  3. The last three lines of this absolutely make the poem. I could feel the chill of Jack’s touch, but the last three lines are the best part. THank you for all your kind words om my blog. I’m going to subscribe and come back often to read your writing.

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