Winters Window…


The old cabin
has a window
overlooking  a lake.
hidden in summer
when trees are dressed…
yet ever so present
once Autumn arrives…
it doesn’t take her long
to make a date
with old man winter..
Their lovers you know..
(doesn’t everyone know?)
she sends him  autumn  kisses
made of leaves
dancing in the cold winds..
(she left a few for me
tucked on the window)
Just before He arrives
she changes things..
(green is not
her favorite color..)
she paints them red
yellow and pink
orange..even purple..
then  she strips them naked
to prove her promice
of dancing
into winter…
I have been told
in  late September
the old man stands
at this window
watching  Her ……

picture and poem by Connetta Jean…..

~ by connetta on February 22, 2014.

One Response to “Winters Window…”

  1. As always, you manage to capture all my senses with your beautiful poetry.

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