Late February

It’s late February, a cold windy day
Ice and snow flurries are on the way.
Winters  saying, “don’t count me out yet”
“I still break out in snow, and a cold icy sweat.”
For a few days it seemed that winter was done
as daffodils broke through ground warmed by the sun.
It’s the shortest of  months but Seems the longest to end
Holding off March from Marching right in.

~ by connetta on February 23, 2014.

5 Responses to “Late February”

  1. Lovely, particulary like this: ‘Holding off March from Marching right in’.

  2. this one is cute and cheery

  3. Again, you leave me yearning for spring, Connie. Already, we have gone from snow to mud. Now the buds on the trees are freezing off in another round of cold. Snow lurks in every forecast. There must be an end soon.

  4. I love February because it is short and so hopeful, ever looking forward. Still, dreariness abounds: either I’m hoping it’s the last snowstorm, or I am disgusted at the muddy trash that melting reveals.

    • I’ve often felt its a time of exposure too..when all the stuff that looks good in the flowers have lost the flowers- becoming things left in the yard..I became a mother on Feb 9th, she’s now 41..Over the yeas that Febuary child taught me many things about love & life….

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