The Old Concrete Shoe..


As I walked in the graveyard
Like i so often do
I found a small headstone
with a old Concrete shoe….
It seemed to to be worn from
time spent on top of a stone..
yet it seemed to fit  perfect
Like it felt right at home..
I thought of the strong winds
that did not make it fall
the snow  and the ice storms
the rain and sunhshine it saw..
i thought of the days
after days  that it stood
and how it had held on
to that headsone so good..
The words on the stone
make it loud and clear
that thirty three years past
a child was burried here.
the shoe would have fit him
and it seemed sad but true.
Someone thought to leave him
that old concrete shoe…..



all pictures and poems on this site  by Connetta…

~ by connetta on March 5, 2014.

4 Responses to “The Old Concrete Shoe..”

  1. Al
    Don’t worry i saw the positive things you said in your comment.. and i’m okay if you’re okay…i do get some negative thoughts sometimes and sometimes i can’t tell…if you’re a Poet you understand..
    but i was not offended. in fact your good thoughts was what mattered the most..
    my E-mail is

  2. Oops! I didn’t mean this to be a negative comment. I like your poem. It evokes great feeling. There is no right or wrong in poetry anyway.My desire was to share my feelings about poetry in general, and how I see it’s construction. I will be happy to send you my poem on “Old Shoes” if you will send me your email address. Please accept my apologies for a not very well thought out response.

  3. Al
    i consider this a rhyming poem…not free verse. although i do write free verse.
    thanks for you comment..I always find it cute and amusing when people take time to put my work down….But everyone can’t like my poetry.
    thanks for taking time out to let me know what i didn’t do right…

  4. Excellent idea, touching, eloquent, and very though provoking.
    The meter in the first four lines was lost in the next four, and I believe there are too many words. I am a stickler for meter as I believe if it’s easy to read and develops a rhythm it’s a better poem. For me, poetry is producing content into form. That makes it art. I am not impressed with so called “free verse”

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