Dancing with Spring..

Just Yesterday I felt like I could scream,
Had that “Cabin Fever” going crazy thing,
When one more day with out sunshine
Was weighing heavy on my mind.
Winter lost it’s beauty in my eye
I was praying God let  that Season die.
As I sat there Angry feeling sick inside..
the thought came to me “do not hide”
I opened the curtains and saw the light
Rain had washed  away winter over night..
I felt a sadness deep inside
I ‘d  prayed for winter to subside..
I saw no trace of  Him around
And the silence seemed to change its sound.
Bird were singing in the trees
Spring was dancing on the breeze..
I felt a need to go and find
A little bit of Winter time
Just to say  I’ll see you when
You come back around again..
Out the door I went  to walk around
and saw new life bursting from the ground.
Tiny buds on shrubs and trees
marking  time when winter leaves..
Yes March  is when Spring begins
(her and Jack  are “special ” friends)
He will court her nightly  a month (or 2)
& Before his time with spring is trough
He’ll leave her drops of  morning dew
frost that sparkles just like diamonds do..
But she loves  the Sun,(Sol has her heart)
someday they too will dance a lot….
Jack Frost will hang on as long as he can
( And Spring knows Sol is  “Summer’s  Man”).
She’s here to work and do her thing
Mother Nature  really counts on spring..

~ by connetta on March 22, 2014.

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