Goodbye Old Man….


March seems to be
marching away.
The stay was short.
Sort of like a bridge
From winter to spring..
The Old man kept
the tiny seeds safe
Neith warm blankets
Of cold winter snow..
Their sprouting ya know
I ‘ve been watching.
April brings rain.
Poets wrote about that
long long ago.
April is great ya know?
It has to rain
And rain
and rain..
Mother nature
(is nursing )
New life is drinking.
Father time has stirred.
things are changing..
Springs his child too
(it always takes 2)
with the rain
he brings thunder
And lightning
Winds that howl..
It’s not all about
Flowers and buds..
Spring and Jack frost
Are dancing
on cold late night mornings
winter has given in
to the warmth of spring.
The Old man knows
its time to go..
His time is done.
Jack is back..
and April showers
do indeed
Bring  May Flowers.
March is when
winter and spring
say goodbye.

~ by connetta on March 23, 2014.

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