Cucumber Mornings

Garden 007

I spent a week of getting up early
Watching the sun rise
Drinking my morning coffee
waiting for two little eyes..
to peep out the window
( looking to see)
If Grandma was outside
then he’d run out to me….
See, we started a venture
a week now ago…
When We found a tiny cucumber
and began watching it grow.
With us both in our bare feet
into the Garden we’d run
to see the cucumber
In the bright mornig sun..
he’d pull back the leaves
and each time he would smile
saying ”I think he”s a lot bigger
than yesterday now”..
We talked about someday
Soon there would be
a cucumber salad
Just for Him and me…
But we both knew His Mother
would be coming for him that day
And for a week maybe two he’d be
In a town far away.
I wanted to eat it
Let him pick it right then..
but like a big boy he said
” he’s so tiny and thin”
“I think we should let him
Grow up a bit more”
I’ll be back next week and
we”ll eat him for sure”
Then he looked up at me
with his voice like a big man
Said ” Will you check him each morning
Grandma, like I am?”
Today he is gone,
And i feel so alone
checking this morning
to see if it’s grown..
I know I’ll never pick it
I’ll leave it for when
He comes back to visit
I’ll leave the picking for him.

~ by connetta on April 26, 2014.

2 Responses to “Cucumber Mornings”

  1. Grandchildren are the greatest gift God ever gave. Shared moments are to be cherished, and later, while the glow still lingers, passed on. Yours is the best way to pass such a moment on.

  2. Beautiful,and I can just see your sweet boy doing this with his Gram. love c

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