Naked Trees…

One thing I’ll  miss, once winter splits
is the bare and naked trees..
For spring has waited, patiently
to dress them up in leaves.
I love to see the shadow of
their trunks against a sunset sky…
(Naked trees are sexy things
but for what i don’t know why…)
I love their branches laced in snow
up against a sky of blue…
I love them dressed up in ice
with a bright sun shining through..
Once there dressed, I must confess
they don’t do a thing for me
though i do love the spring time buds
that change the scenery..
I love them  best, when their dressed
In the beauty  Autumn  brings..
Still, Naked trees, are defiantly
one  of my favorite things…
I know that lots of you will say
“she’s talking about a frigging tree.”.
But do one thing,for me  this spring
check out a naked pregnant tree

~ by connetta on April 30, 2014.

4 Responses to “Naked Trees…”

  1. Naked tree maybe sensuous in one sense but in other sense it teaches a great lesson of patience. Without being impatient, it waits for the spring. They are so calm at that time. I love their calmness.

  2. Conetta Beautiful! My husband once remarked how lonely the trees made him feel in winter, my response was I loved the layers of gray lace against the deep blue ridges which turn to sparkling diamonds with each winter storm. how georgous!
    Artist Richard Tumbleston of Boone NC paints the most beautiful trees I have ever seen!

  3. Beautiful photo and words….I love bare and naked trees too!

    Thank you for sharing this with us!

  4. Sometimes I can’t figure out whether it’s ‘actually’ beautiful where you live, or whether it’s just your eye!
    hi Connie, long time no hear from – hope you’re well

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