Old Barns and Pictures…


you  just gotta love
a little old barn
touched by time
with it’s own charm..
the weatherd wood
shines bright in the sun..
Proud and still standing..
(it’s time isn’t done)………
Think  of the tales
that could be told
if barns could talk
of memories they hold..
each one is different
no two are the same..
to see them fading
away, is a shame.
so if you happen upon
a old one please take
a picture and treasure
the portrits they make..
for someday they will
be old memories…
this one was saying
“take my picture, please”!

Poem and pitcutre by connetta

~ by connetta on May 4, 2014.

17 Responses to “Old Barns and Pictures…”

  1. I love old houses and barns. Thanks for making my day.

  2. Could we reprint your barn poem on your home page, giving you the credit for your poem in a book we are about to publish? Our book features the making of a barn quilt of 97 local barns and their histories. Enjoyed your poem and it would fit wonderfully in our book! Rock County Nebraska Q125 event co-chairman Becky Sawyer

  3. What lovely poems and images. Thank you for beautifying my day.

  4. Our family has suffered a tragedy this week as the stately barn that has stood through five generations was severly damaged by a tornado. It was left standing as if it had gone through a great battle, mangled and ripped and torn. We are grieved to see the embodiment of our memories, so many and diverse, come to such shame. Your poem is such a fitting compliment and tribute to our strong weathered friend. I would ask you permission to use your poem with a picture of weathered friend as a tribute to share with our friends.
    Vickie in Missouri

  5. “it’s” is a contraction of “it is”
    the possessive “its” should not have an apostrophe
    Just a minor suggestion for improving an otherwise very enjoyable poem

  6. I have photographed an old barn as an anniversary gift for my sister-in-law and am looking for a poem to add to the beauty of the scene…would very much appreciate permission to use your poem, and i will give credit where credit is due…thanks for putting words to the wonder of old. Wendy

  7. I enjoy taking pictures of barns, and your poem fits perfectly with my goal. With your permission, I would like to include it as a prelude to my gallery Proper credit will be given.

    Thanks, Brenda

  8. Debbie,
    Yes, you may use it if you give me credit or lead them back to my blog…this sure seems to be a poem people are using in books..

  9. Love the poem and your name! I run The Vintage Barn and will Blog about your poem…I will give you credit for it. We are working on restoring our 1915 barn in N Idaho!! Wish us luck.
    The Vintage Barn

  10. I love your poem about the barns. I am working on an artist book and was planning on using photos of barns from all over Wisconsin. I wonder if you would mind if I used your poem in the book as well. I will make sure I credit you for the poem. Love your work.

  11. It’s nice to see that someone else realizes how important barns can be some people. My life growing up on a farm was the best time of my life and the hay barn we had was my hangout and refuge from my 4 older brothers so it meant a lot to me. Thank you for this poem.

  12. This photo makes me think of Eeyore. It’s sad and eerie at the same time.

  13. Jack..
    I will give you permission if you credit me for my work. thanks for your confidence in my poetry,,,,
    is there any way i can see this film? will it just be on t.v. in your state??Please keep me posted….
    connetta Jean

  14. Yours is an ideal barn poem for a short TV documentary I’m producing for Community Television in Salem, OR. It’s called BARNYARD BONE YARD with a series of delapidated barns in our area. I’m a volunteer with CCTV and we donate our time and talent toward projects like this. If you will give your permission, I’d like to include your poem in the TV film. Thanks.

  15. Yes you may use my poem as long as you say i wrote it…thanks

  16. Dear Connetta, My friend and I are putting together a small book with photos of barns in our area. We live in a small town in East Tennessee. We read your poem and loved it! Would you care if we printed the poem as a forward in our book? Best regards.

    • Cindy/Susan, I am an amature artist and Iam interested in collaborating with you on your barn book. By amature I mean that I seldom ask for payment for my work. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed by my work.
      360 10-8342

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