Who’s gonna feed the people (When Farmers can’t be found)??


Jeb Martin lived on a family farm
just out side of Old Jack town.
when a man named Rosco
started nosin his nose around..
200 acreas of rolling hills
views that  can take the breath away..
When Jeb said, it’s not for sale
Rosco said I’ll come back anouther day…
It wasn’t long before the county
started fining Jeb for different things
Like flies and smells from his cattle
maunure runoff polluting streams….
They fined him for this
and they fined him for that
till Jeb couldn’t afford to pay
now, there’s 40 homes with breathtaking views
under Rosco construction today…
Mr who’s gonna feed the people
when all the farms are gone?
reminds me of the Indians
and how they just moved them on…
The Cost of Beef is going up
cause the farmers are losing ground..
who’s gonna feed the people
When Farmers can’t be found?

Jessy Ray has a chicken farm
close to the county line…
been in the family 2 hundered years
but now it’s all just a matter of time..
they say a man named Rosco
has been nosing his nose around..
talking about views and what he could do
to help bring new jobs to that town
300 acres of breathtaking views
best land for miles around..
And their talking bout a fancy mall
comming  in on the edge of town..
He paid fines for this… fines for that
till he ain’t got a chance in Hell
tell me who’s gonna bring us water
Once we dry up the well?
who’s gonna feed the people
when all the farms are gone..
reminds me of the Indians
and how they was just moved on
the cost of eggs is going up
cause the farms are going down..
Mr who’s gonna feed the people
when farmers can’t be found..

who’s gonna till the soil
when Farmers lose their ground?
cause most of them are tilling it
out of love for land passed down.
the cost of food keeps going up
cause farmers are going down….
who’s gonna feed the people
once Farmers can’t be found?

picture and lyric by connetta jean…2131157842_8cce9957d92

~ by connetta on May 18, 2014.

2 Responses to “Who’s gonna feed the people (When Farmers can’t be found)??”

  1. This is brilliant, Connetta. And, sadly, so true. Little-by-little greed overtakes and we self-destruct. This needs to be published.

  2. Connie you shouldn’t have got me started on this rant,but since you did…Some of these houses built 5 times larger than any family needs,where funded by the loans,that are now going down the drain.The same ones we[tax payers]are suppose to bail them out on.Guess what,a whole lot of FARM GROUND was taken for these mansions.Please Americans get involved in preserving FARM LAND,and helping farmers.Save a FARM and you will be saving trees!!!!I love this planet,recycle and my husband and I have both worked hard jobs so we can farm a small piece of ground.Most farmers have to work to make it.If you pray, pray for our nation to see how important this is,and raise your voices to state reps.and congress.If we want to eat in the future we better do something now.Every day we loose more farms,and we can’t eat concrete.Sorry to comment so much Connie but this really touch’s my heart and is very important. c

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