Taking Count…

Too many are homeless!”
the good people said.
Let’s open up shelters
and give them a bed”

“How many are homeless?”
asked the governments men
“we’ll spend a few billion
and investigate them.”

“Too many are hungry”
the good people said
“let’s spend that money
to feed them instead”

“How many are hungry?”
asked the Governments men
“we’ll take a few million
and investigate them”

“The winter was cold”
the good people cried
“ice and snow ( a record low)
yet many slept outside.”

“we counted quite few”
said the governments men
” But we can take a few billion
And count them again”.

“There’s no way to count them”
the good people said
“If they’ve not a place
to be sheltered and fed”

“That’s not up to us”
said the governments men
“we can’t afford it
our budget’s too thin”

all poems and lyrics posted by me was written by me…Connetta Jean

~ by connetta on May 20, 2014.

6 Responses to “Taking Count…”

  1. Chloe,
    actually this poem was written back in the early 1980’s…and plublished in “The SanFerando Poetry Journal” in the mid 1980’s ..I still have the book it was published in. Had several published there..This blog is all my poetry past and present.

    • Thank goodness for your reply. I thought you were writing these fresh every day. It was killing me trying to match you. The only problem I now have with your blog is I found it so late. It will take me forever to go back through the archives.
      Mike Patrick

    • Hi 😀 I’m a bit behind with reading comments – but, the fact that this poem was already published is no surprise. It’s awesome!

      I’m gonna spend some time exploring your writing next time I stop by for a visit! Thanks – and have a great day xx

  2. PS – I meant to say – I love the photo on this post too… 😉 xx

  3. Absolutely brilliant!! This should be published somewhere! xx

  4. This gave me goose flesh! Such a succinct portrayal of callousness versus good intentions. Loved the picture too!

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