The Falling Of Time..


At the top of a hill
close to the county line
i found her falling…
A house
that once held
laughter and tears…
so silently she seemed
to be dying..
surround by fencelines
and weeds…
the old barn
stronger than her
faithfully stood
at her side…
His memories too
have been many…..
the rust on the silos
spoke of  time
standing still
against blue skies………..
and the reaping of
seeds once sowed
on furtile land.

poem and picture by connetta

~ by connetta on June 13, 2014.

2 Responses to “The Falling Of Time..”

  1. My hubby drives for his work.around 200+ miles a day collecting water samples….when i have days off i ride with him and he takes the country roads so i can take pictures..some are just drive by shots..the houses i went into are miles apart..and i have 3 new ones lined up for a tour soon as i’m sure snakes are gone..

  2. Where do you find all these broken down homes and farms? They are great images but, when I think of the family who built them and the lives they lived in them, I feel a bit wistful.

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