Goodbye Old House..


Goodbye  old house, you’ve been a friend

But  Our time together, has come to a end

For 22 years, you’ve seen children grown

their time and laughter will stay in this home.

You kept us safe and you kept us warm

Four Grand Sons, you saw born..

they laughed and played, felt safe in your walls

running and jumping on steps in the halls..

For 22 summers and winters you’ve been

where Grandma and grandpa, spent their time with them.

22 years it seems a long time ago

so quickly they passed by, ( where did time go?)

But it was never a house of our own

we  just rented, the house we called home.

Now it’s come time, for a new place to stay

and where we are going, seems so far away.

But we will remember this house and her walls

and all the neighbors and friends who made calls..

It wasn’t a “great house”, nothing fancy by means

Just a shell of a old house, that held all our dreams..

To say i won’t miss her, would be a big lie

She holds lots of memories, of time passing by.

I leave her feeling thankful,for the years that I’ve been

walking through her doors, glad to be home again.

And if we’re lucky, we’ll be just as safe and secure,

In the new house we’ll call home, just like we did her.

So goodbye old house, remember us well

We’ve started new ventures, new stories to tell.

but you’ll always be part of, our lives till the end

you’ve been a blessing, a good trusted friend.


In memory of our home we moved out of  a month ago today….goodbye old house.

~ by connetta on July 12, 2014.

3 Responses to “Goodbye Old House..”

  1. Reblogged this on Let's Picture ohio.

  2. A poem everyone can relate to at one time in their lives. I like your writing style. mari ana.

  3. Hi Connie
    I couldn’t get an email to go to the address you gave me this morning, so I’m trying to get in touch with you here. Send me an email if you get this.


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