A Farmers Wife…

She didn’t set out to live her life
on a farm ( a farmer’s wife)
It’s just what happened, how it went down
A life spent planting , seeds in the ground.
At first her “City” self said no
She didn’t want to reap and sow.
She hated the smells and the hours it took
Seeing life on a farm as work,work,work.
It took her awhile but she came to see
She was right where she wanted to be..
From fresh eggs to gardens she loved them all
The new baby cows and the harvest in fall.
Somehow she grew into her life
Happy to be a Farmers Wife…


top  Photo by Cheryl. Poem by connetta

~ by connetta on July 17, 2014.

2 Responses to “A Farmers Wife…”

  1. hmm… I like your writing

    Hi friend, i’m indonesian. nice to meet you, if you has time please visit my blog



    see u in my ‘home’


  2. nature
    work for life and life for work
    intimate connection to what really is there
    how can you not like it.

    (took my mother almost 30 years to appreciate being outside from the city)

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