To Be A Tree….

I wish that God had given me
The peaceful life of a tree..
Without the worries of our time
To be a tree would suite me fine..
no job to do, no bills to pay
No worries of our day to day..
Just standing tall and making shade
Trees it seems have got it made.
So someday when my days here end
and God offers me to live on Earth again..
And asks me what i choose to be
I think I’ll  come back as a tree..
my friends will be the birds and  bees
and all things that climb and live in  trees..
I’ll hang around and clean the air
Summer’s dressed and winter’s bare..
I’ll sway and bend, dancing with the wind
If God let’s me come back to earth again…
But nothing fancy need i be
Just a simple humble tree..

All poems and photos by Connetta Jean..

~ by connetta on July 30, 2014.

2 Responses to “To Be A Tree….”

  1. There are few things more glorious than a tree. I so loved this poem!

  2. This is simple and earthy, with a devout tone that speaks throughout.


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