Autumn & Jack


I’ve heard in the winds
whispers that Autumn,
is leaving us soon..
I found her leaves
laying  gracefully
across the country road.
Like making a dare
For me to cross the line
and disturb them.
Jack frost has been,
courting her nightly now.
Bringing her beautiful diamonds
on early morning trays
of trailing  light.
They dance benieth sunsets
and slow moving fog..
His icy hands touch
places that summer
has yet to let go..
Jack loves her you know…
But i’ve been watching
(Each day she is  fading. )
her colors seem to be
losing their bright
youthful attire..
Autumns last days
are here.
She’s saying

Nov.7th 2008, connetta Jean

~ by connetta on September 2, 2014.

5 Responses to “Autumn & Jack”

  1. Reblogged this on Let's Picture ohio.

  2. very nice. love the imagery you have brought forth.
    nice photograph too!

  3. Autumn better not be saying goodbye, yet! It hasn’t even said hello~ This is nice.

  4. 94,
    It is my new work that i mostly post here on wordpress ( this is the last poem i’ve written and i posted it here the day i wrote it) on the new stuff your not missing those poems… There are still a lot poems that i wrote before i made this blog tht i havn’t postd here yet.
    the image i use for the poem was taken last fall..
    i’m glad you like my poems, thanks.

  5. Hi Connie,
    I tried to get registered on flikr the other day to comment on this, which I saw there, and the reg. process nearly drove me round the bend – I gave up in the end.
    Anyhow, I love the image and poem, and I’m sory you don’t use your site on user-friendly old wordpress much anymore – maybe you could park a bit of your recent work here for the flikr-allergic minority like me!
    Best wishes

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