White Winter Gold…


I’ve been sitting and watching
as the kids from our town
take sleds up the hill
and sleigh ride back down..
from short ones to tall ones
from young kids to old
to them a big snow storm
is white winter gold…
Theres some building snowmen
some throwing snow balls..
others building snow forts
ignoring their mothers calls..
with their nose and cheeks
a bright ruby red,
and heads that are sweating
neith the caps on their head…
They just keep on sleighing
ice skating and stuff
making snow men and snow balls
They can’t get enough..
I watch their parents build fires
that glow into the night
marsh mellows are roasting
It’s a beautiful sight…
Time spent together
memories kept growing old..
are often the treasures
of finding white winter gold…


~ by connetta on November 24, 2014.

One Response to “White Winter Gold…”

  1. Beautiful, Connie. All you forgot was the burning fingers and toes when we were finally forced to come home and thaw out. Great memories.

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