Christmas Morning..


“Santa came”,His young voice cried
“without a trace!” ( Someone had lied).
Yes, my son, the old man came
but we both know it’s just a game.
“Can we open our presents now?” said he
“i’ve waited oh so long to see”
Yes, we shall but first let’s pray
It’s more than  just a Holiday…
Santa Claus is not the one
who gave me You, my only son…
“He’s too small to understand”
grandma said, patting my hand..
“Santa Claus is all he knows,
He’ll  learn the truth, as he grows”
yet, though my Mother raised me well
I have stumbled, Yes, i fell
I want to do the best i can
to raise this boy to a wise old man..
Suddenly a soft voive said
As if He was inside my head
“if the boy learns on his own
too many years he’s walked alone
time and truth are best at hand
to raise this boy to a wise old man..
For though he be wisest of them all
all could  stumble, all can fall…”

Poem and picture by Connetta Jean
This poem was Re-written as a Christmas poem…It was written in 1980…Published as a Easter Poem..

~ by connetta on December 24, 2014.

8 Responses to “Christmas Morning..”

  1. Gypsy
    i’m oky. Just got the winter blues..been really cold. and everyones been sick. so i’ve been keeping the phone line open more..

  2. Where are you Connetta…I hope all is good!

  3. Hya, dropping by to say hi and hope you’re having a great start to the new year…hope your 2008 is a good one…take care!

  4. your images alone tell a story, but how lucky we are that you share your poems/stories with us too. You are multi-talented!

    Looking forward to more of your images and your words in 2008!

    May it be a Happy, Healthy, & Creative 2008 for us all!


    ~gypsy-heart (aka suz) 🙂

  5. Lovely sentiment. Perfect photo – I love the framing.

  6. 94
    they are pieces of the old window frame…
    merry christmas

  7. Merry Cristmas to you and yours, Connie.
    P.S. What are those black spikey things hanging down in the middle of the window?

  8. Merry Christmas, have a great time and all the best for the New Year.

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