My friends call me Connie…

I was born Connetta Jean , I’m a poet/sculptor/hopefull photographer who lives in Ohio. I’ve  earned  my living the past 25 years, as a home health ,private duty nurses aide .Before that I was a stay at home Mom..

All poems and pictures are by me, unless i say otherwise , so all written material  and pictures © copyright 1970- 2011 Connetta VanMatre .Many have been published in books, magazines and newspapers….

I was born Dec 30th 1952 , the oldest of 5 syblings. for 56 of my 58 years,I lived within walking distance of my grandmas house..where i was born and she died with me at her side, holding her. in 2004. She was first to touch me & i was last to touch her.. I spent my childhood  between a “Live Bait Store/Carry out”  in Ohio and Army bases around the US, including Alaska…Spent most my summers walking the creeks with Grandpa getting minnows and helping him collect  bait for his store.  So i’m not a Girly girl….I love growing things, especially flowers. I’ve been in the country 2 years now and love it.

Poetry found me at a young parents and grandparents always told me i rhymed words long before i could read or write.Poetry has always followed me’s the part of me i can’t change, it’s who i am, what i am.I did not choose to write poems, it chose me..(but on the other hand i did choose sculpting in 1982)..Poet will be written on my tombstone. I found i could sculpt when i was in my early 30’s…..I’m married ( 30+ years this time around )..have 1 son and 1 daughter. 4 grandsons, 1 grand-daughter, ages 5-23. 3 of my grandchildren was born on Oct 12th of different 2 different parents. My daughter is a  published writer/ professional photographer from Ohio,,,her book is called “365 Days Of Walking The Red Road” by Terri Jean and has sold over 10,000 copies so far.. …just google her name, she’s out there…

I have other blogs  on “word press, one is called “picture Ohio” where i have  pictures of Ohio without poetry.All pictures are by me unless other wise stated.

to see my sculpture

i also have a Face book if you can find me…and your not spam…but a true real person out there. just contact me and let me know your from wordpress..

My goals  are to share my poetry with others, i long ago gave up the notion poets can be found and become famous poets or asked to write books..I have no idea why God made me a poet..Being a photoholic…and a real addicted one. is to share my favorite pictures  with anyone interested in Photography, back roads, or just seeing rural  Ohio…I have over 6,ooo pictures on my flicker site…So if you really want to see what i do, just pop over there..there’s a link  above..

please if you enjoy this blog, let me know who you are, so i can find your blog too…I’m especially interested in writing, photography, and Artistic things…

I hope you enjoy the pictures  i’ve taken while riding along with my hubby on the back roads . I know i had fun..if you can’t visit Ohio but wonder what you might see here..please come share my rides at . i already bought the gas.. I love old things, especially barns and old houses.

if you found me a stranger, may you return as my friend.

Enjoy….& May God Bless you all.

6 Responses to “My friends call me Connie…”

  1. looking for you =:-)

  2. A most wonderful site. Tour talent is awesome

  3. Hi Connie, again, I’d like to thank you for visiting my sites and for your many kind words. You mentioned a poem “To Be A Tree” that you thought I might like. Could you give me the exact URL or at least a date I could look up? I would appreciate that. Do you respond to poetry prompts?


  4. Hi Connie,

    I’ve read some of your poems and saw your other two blogs. Your work is really impressive and I hope you will keep up with it!
    You have already visited my blog, but I hope you will come back again soon!


    Little Explorer

  5. Hi Connie,
    You already visited my site. Thanks for the positive feedback. I was having a blue day, with a bit of a sluggishness in the creative juices, and only one hit today. Boo-hoo, me. So, I got some inspiration from your site, once again. Any tips on getting published are welcomed, I’m an innocent where that’s concerned.


  6. Connie was here or one of your sites left a message..but now I’m confused,where was I? Any way loved the site,and you…c

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